As a builder in Leeds….

As a builder who specialises in loft conversions in Leeds, one of the most important things about the materials and equipment that we use are the way they are packaged. Often, our suppliers are 100 – 500 miles away from us, and we pay thousands for the correct materials to ensure that they are suitable for the home owner and more importantly, safe. That is why it is important these raw materials and tools are supplied and delivered to us in the best way possible. While it may sound unrealistic and even an over-exaggeration, the smallest bit of dent or tear on a piece of lumber can make the difference of a home standing for an extra 10 years. What inspired me (or rather, pushed me) to create this blog was when I received a supply of lumber that was particularly poorly packaged.

The materials and lumber itself was packaged heavily within that brown paper package that some suppliers use. I am unsure of the name for it, but it is that large stuffing paper that shoe stores used to stuff in shoes to ensure that they were formed and stood correctly. The thing about these papers are, they are extremely good at condensing what they are meant to be packaging and can ensure that the materials are kept near exactly where they are supposed to be. The issue with the same materials is that they tear very easily depending on what materials you have ordered. So, when we decided to order scaffold poles with the lumber, the scaffold poles had torn a large section of the packaging, creating an entrance for the lumber and poles to practically smash into each other throughout the delivery process. This had splinted the lumber and mean that we had to carry out an entirely new order. However, this isn’t the only problem I have had with the material. Please check in next post to find out the next stupid story!

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