Brown paper packing!

Another really bad experience I have had with suppliers using the brown paper packaging was when we ordered a shipment of materials from a company based in Liverpool. I don’t like to name companies when discussing disappointing or bad experiences, but this specific company really let us down with the delivery. Rather than stuffing all extra space with the brown paper packing, they simply wrapped all materials once. As you can imagine, there was a lot of extra space within the truck upon delivery, so all materials including lumber and metal were slamming into each other throughout the night.

As you can imagine, the damage to all the raw materials meant that most of the delivery was a write up. The worst of the damage meant that the materials were broken off entirely, and at best the damaged materials meant that they were bent or dented out of shape and were unsafe to install within the home. It’s easy for builders to imagine the potential damage to a home if you install broken or out of shape materials within the foundation of a home, and I can’t imagine it is difficult for the average person to understand the potential dangers.

When you improperly pack materials that are meant for the foundations of a home, you are essentially writing off the materials altogether, or you are writing off the construction project itself. If you are using broken lumber or metal foundations and fill a loft conversion with said materials, it would not be uncommon for the same loft to collapse within itself. That is how disastrous it can be to not safely pack away raw materials for use. There are many companies that are using this practice, and I personally believe it is out of ignorance rather than intentionally being cheap at the cost of builders, but the practice needs to stop.

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