Lost items

One of the largest issues with bad packaging apart from the easy damages that can be occurred during transport is how easy it is for items to be lost during transport. Since the items that are packaged by brown paper packaging is generally quite loose, some of the smaller materials or items that you order can just fall under more important equipment or even out of the packing completely, making it impossible to tell if you haven’t been given something because it is still in the truck, or if it has fallen into larger materials. This makes the whole process of inventory once a large shipment has been delivered even more important, especially if you are ordering to be conservative rather than ordering as many pieces as you can.

When you order large amounts of screws or bolts with a shipment of scaffolding or even power tools, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is for the little things to just unravel and fall out of the packaging that it came in. It also makes it really annoying for people like us to then search out said pieces of the shipment that it had arrived in. I know this seems like a small annoyance to some, but when you are ordering 120 separate screws in different sizes and just one is lost, that means we must waste hours in the day to find the same said screw or purchase another again.

I am aware that many of the people that package these items are not necessarily aware of the flaws that exist within packaging supplies and orders that way. I do understand that they do not intentionally package orders to be inefficient on purpose. But it does cause issues for people who are ordering said items, because we are the ones who must deal with the inefficiencies.

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