It’s annoying as a business owner to be angry or annoyed at other business owners since we are supposed to be professional, but at times it’s difficult not to be. I feel like with my own carpenter London business, I am the utmost professional and responsible when it comes to business and my customers. When I feel like other companies, especially companies that I work with lack that same work ethic that I have, it doesn’t always upset me or even annoy me, but I still can’t find it within myself to let it go. Especially when companies that I am working with make mistakes with me while working together.  Since this blog has always been about packaging companies and their failure to always properly package my supplies together after ordering, I’m pretty sure you could guess who I am talking about!

It is frustrating when you work with companies that refuse to do their job correctly. Many people think that it is about not doing their job to my satisfaction, and it is in a way. By that, I mean that it would be entirely satisfactory to me if they decide to do their jobs to the absolute bare minimum they need to. I think that making sure peoples ordered supplies are not smashed together is a good way to do your job, and I don’t think it’s rude or warrants special attention to call out such behaviour. If you were to order a drone or a TV from amazon and it came to you smashed up and damaged, would you really be happy about that? Because I know that if I had ordered any items and it came damaged, I would blow a fucking gasket. Yet I have to deal with this every day when it comes to my business, making it that much more stressful.

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